Our Program



The Learning Treasure Day homes is a dayhomes company opened in June 2015.

We count with different locations dedicated to take care and help kids grow. We follow a bilingual English/Spanish program to help children merge into a second language while playing.

We offer a Full-time or Part-time care for children 11 months up to 5 years old.

Our Objective is to develop activities in such a way that you capture the children's interest and imagination. Children learn best if they are interested, motivated and have some ownership of what you are working on.

Ours is a Bilingual English/Spanish program where we merge children into a second language while playing.
In order to accomplish this, the following activities would be performed:

  • Use books and pictures
  • Reading and story times
  • Sing and Dance
  • Daily circle time: Educational time of the day. About 30-45 mins where teachers will talk about the respective topic and in a daily basis repeat the numbers, ABC and Weather conditions.
  • Crafts such as Coloring, Paint, Masks, Muppets and many other activities 

Within the activities, children will be encouraged to literature and they will learn topics like shapes, colors, ABC, animals and math’s. There is a main topic for each month of the year; children will be doing crafts, lectures and circle time related with the respective topic.
Every day children will be playing with toys and crafts, looking at shapes, size, weights and lengths of things, making and looking for patterns and looking at numerals around the home.

Songs with familiar tunes can easily be adapted for any activity and can bring in numbers and mathematical concepts in everyday situations.
Children love to explore and investigate, which is an early form of science learning. Learning Treasure Dayhomes always encourage children to look closely at the natural world and engage in water and sand play.

Children will be playing at the Backyard everyday, enjoying the weather and having multiple experiences while playing.